lynne morioka social visibility consulting

Social Visibility Consulting was founded in 2005 by Lynne MK Morioka. 

My passion is content, my hobby is writing and my business is content. Yes, that makes me a word nerd. I'm proud to own that title! 

I started Social Visibility Consulting to provide businesses with a unique and affordable way to address content and social media needs. I don't come from the agency world. I have an inside perspective on businesses -- I run a business, I work with businesses, I know how to communicate for and about businesses and brands.

I have a background in journalism and public relations and more than 15 years of experience encompassing writing, editing, communications, PR and social media. I love helping my clients find their voice, effectively express who they are and inspiring action.

SVC works on contract or retainer to provide high-quality content and a highly personalized experience.

I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and available to work occasionally onsite in the Twin Cities. I also excel at working virtually with clients around the country and even the world. 

I care about my clients. Your business deserves the knowledge and services of an experienced content and social media professional.

Contact Social Visibility Consulting today to discuss your content and social media and to discover how I can help you achieve your communications and marketing goals. 

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