Your challenges: 

You've got a social media plan, but your organization does not have the capacity to execute the plan to help you meet your goals. You need someone to manage your organization's social media in one or more social channels.   

Social Visibility Consulting provides social media management services to effectively establish, manage and grow your social media communities.  

svc social media management
Lynne has a knack for connecting with people online with the proper tone, voice and creativity to make an impact. She was a big part of our success in growing our audience for our social media channels.
— - Kevin Hunt, Global Communications manager, General Mills

Social Visibility Consulting has provided social media management services for: 

* General Mills
* Nature Valley
* Milkadamia
* No Name Premium Meats and Seafood
* Experience Life Magazine
* Way Better Snacks
* J&B Group
* Rainbow Chinese Restaurant
* Survey and Ballot Systems
* YA Engage
* IsItSI
and more!

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