Zombie business blogs

An employee of a bustling business reads an article. “Content is king!” the headline blasts. A light bulb goes off over the employee’s head as she reads about the benefits of having a business blog:

* Adding an ever-changing array of content to your business website helps search engines find you, encourages website visits and keeps people coming back for new information.

* Your business will build its reputation as a leader in the industry and the blog’s author will position him/herself as a thought leader. A blog is a chance to showcase your expertise.

* A blog gives your business a voice and a personality. Authenticity is important to current and potential customers.

* If you had a blog, your customers (or future customers) could have a channel to open communication and start a dialogue.

The employee brings the blog idea to the management team. The management team agrees it’s a great idea. The company president writes an introductory blog post then requests that another manager farm out the next few blog posts. As the posts are vaguely assigned to various employees, with no clear direction of what to write or how to write about it, the task ends up on the bottom of everyone’s to-do lists. Meanwhile, the blog sits; cursor blinking, crickets chirping.

abandoned blog

The business blog has become a zombie — the abandoned shell of a great, creative idea. It’s “re-animated” every time someone visits your website and sees that you started a blog, but you had no follow through so it fell flat. That’s not a great impression to give people and it can eat future business. Also brains.

Having a business blog is a good idea, but unless you have a team of content creation specialists, your business should let employees do the jobs they do best. The above scenario happens all the time to small and medium-sized businesses where everyone already has three or four jobs to do and just can’t fathom adding “blogger” to their title or find time in the day to write.

Your business can still reap the rewards of having a blog. Hire a trusted writer to help your business come up with ideas, plot an editorial calendar, stay on top of news and trends and write consistent posts for you. An “outsider” can provide a great new perspective on your business and industry and can help your subject matter experts stay focused and on track with specific questions related to planned blog posts. Being interviewed for 10 minutes by a content pro is much more efficient than spending an hour (or more) trying to write a blog post.

Don’t let your business blog become a zombie and reflect poorly on your organization (or worse, eat brains). Hire a writer, get a jump on your content strategy and get the blog posts flowing today.