Three things to do right now to improve your business blog

You’re putting a lot of time and effort into your business blog, so make sure people are reading it and getting the most out of what you’re trying to say. These three simple tweaks can improve your blog with very little time invested. 

Make sure your  headlines represent

 Headlines are a lot of pressure — you’ve got a lot to convey with very few words. You may be tempted to shout in ALL CAPS, use exclamation points to illustrate your enthusiasm, toss in six or seven keywords to make sure you’re picked up by search engines and use a phrase worthy of the tabloids to really get people’s attention. Don’t. Don’t do any of those things. ALL CAPS is hard to read and really does make it look like you’re yelling. Exclamation points are okay, but must be used very sparingly (if at all). If a keyword (or two) fits organically what you’re trying to say, great. If not, don’t force it. But one of the worst things you can do to your readers is to mislead them.

Using a headline like, ”UFO Crashes on South Side“ then mentioning in your post that a group of children found a chunk of meteor in the general vicinity is likely to anger your readers and make them say, “I clicked on this because of the headline and the story was totally different. That’s lame. I won’t be clicking through to this site ever again.” Yes, they read your post, but it was a one-time deal, they’re not coming back, they’re cynical about you and you didn’t get your point across. Not a great strategy.

easy to read

Make it easier to read

You’re good at what you do and you want to share. But if you have a lot to say and your posts are long, you’ve likely lost people in the “scan the page then oooh, something shiny over there…” era of Internet reading. Capture attention with a good and accurate headline then help break up the text with call out boxes, headers and bullet points. Make sure to highlight the information you most want people to take away.

Leave yourself out of it

If your last post (or last 10 posts) have mentioned you or your business or were in any way self-promotional, stop talking about yourself for awhile. Your blog is a place to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry and to give people a foot in the door to your company as a resource, but it has to be subtle. If every post begins and ends with your elevator speech and a “join here” or “contact us for an appointment” call to action, people will move on. Blog to build trust, not to blast people’s eyeballs with information about how great you think you are.

business blog

With these few simple tips in mind, you can achieve new heights in blogging. Now, go forth and blog with confidence.