How to leverage your content assets

Your business likely leverages assets (financial, real estate, etc.) in some way to multiply gains, so how are you leveraging your content assets?

What are my content assets, you may ask? They may include:

* Your website. Also known as your face to the world.

* Business blog.

* Social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)

* Email marketing

* Case studies, white papers, etc.

Whether you have all of these as part of your arsenal or are still filling your content pool, each and every one of them is worthwhile and can be leveraged to give you a return on your investment. Why should you invest in producing content? In short, you can use your content to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, to get people to your website and keep them coming back for more and to put your voice and your perspective out there while building trust with current and potential customers.

leverage content assets

Simple ways to leverage your content assets:

* Know your audience and give them what they need and are asking for. It pays to do research early on to make sure you’re best meeting the needs of the people who can eventually pay you for your goods or services.

* Have a tight, concise, well-written, action-oriented website.

* Create a blog on your website and update it frequently. Update old posts (two years or older) to keep them relevant.

* When you update your blog, announce the new post on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn). Open yourself up to questions and encourage sharing. Further participate in the conversation by answering questions posted by those you follow. Try to keep your posts at 10 percent (or less) self promotion level or people will start to ignore you.

* Compile your content into an opt-in email newsletter. Bring the content to their inbox, but give them a reason to click on a link to take action.

* Make blog posts out of case studies (or vice versa). Offer white papers as an outline to solve customer problems.

* Multiply the productivity of your resources — in other words, write once, use twice (or more). Repurpose your content into presentations, webinars, classes or seminars.

You’ve got assets. You can add to your assets and leverage them to create a positive return on your time and brainpower investment. Now, get out there and move those assets!

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