Redesigning your website? It's time for a content overhaul too

Are you redesigning your website? If so, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to overhaul your content too. “But,” you may be saying, “why would I take the extra time and expense to fix something that isn’t broken? I’ve got all the information I need and my new site is beautiful.”

It’s true that first impressions count when it comes to your website, so it should be beautiful. But you need a variety of interesting, dynamic and compelling content to help your site get picked up by search engines and to give visitors a way to take action.

With a website redesign, you’ve got a gorgeous new blank slate with which to convey your brand identity, so give people a reason to stick around and find out more about who you are, what you do and give them opportunities to subscribe, try and buy.

website color

You're already relaunching. You've got less than 20 seconds to capture someone's attention. Overhaul your content and keep them coming back for more.