Like Chuck Norris, your website content should be action-oriented

Pop quiz: If Chuck Norris were standing before you in his butt-kicking karate uniform, would he:
A: Say, “Excuse me, you’re standing inside the line of the fighting ring. You may want to consider skootching back at some point in time.”
B: Say, “FYI, there’s a line around this fighting ring. Thought you’d like to know.”
C: Say, “Hey you, MOVE. NOW!”

Chuck Norris does not make wimpy suggestions or provide pointless FYIs. When Chuck Norris wants someone to do something, he tells them to do it! And so should you when you’re creating content for your website.

Yes, you want to give people information, but you’re not a library. (Unless, of course, you *are* a library. In that case, there’s actionable content for you too.) People will come to your website and kick the proverbial tires, but they won’t stick around for long. Give the tire-kickers something to do! Buy now. Request a quote. Contact us now. Sign up for our newsletter. Register today. Click here to hold this book and pick it up later at your local library. See, libraries, I told you there was something for you.

actionable content

Quick tips for making your website content more action-oriented (aka Chuck Norrisizing it):

* Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come off like an in-your-face carnival barker from an old timey movie. One, maybe two, calls per action per page should suffice.

* Put the most important information first then give visitors a simple, accessible way to take action. Be sure to tell them the benefits of taking action.

* Don’t just provide action-oriented content, take action with it yourself.  Go to where your consumers are — Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube, Pinterest. Extend your calls to action. Like us today on Facebook and get $5 off your first purchase.  Pin something to our Pinterest board and be entered into a contest. You’ll open a channel for engagement and interaction as well giving people “bites” of information and your brand. For the full meal, they can click to visit your website. And find more actionable content there.

* Do what you can to track where your clicks are coming from and what people are most interested in. If there’s a page on your website that’s a virtual graveyard and you want more traffic, look to the page that is a hopping party. Tweak the less visited page to find the formula that works best with your audience. The more engaging your content, the more likely people are to actually do what you’re asking them to do.

Don’t let your website just sit on its backside. Make it work for you and start converting visitors into customers. Chuck Norrisize your content and make it action-oriented today. Do it!