Website content dangers to avoid

Your goal: To create a website that adds value to users and attracts search engines and links. 

To do this you need compelling content. In order to achieve your goals, here is a brief list of website content dangers to avoid:

bad website content

* DO NOT use industry jargon. No one is searching for that.

* DO NOT write six paragraphs when you only need one. Keep it brief and easy to read.

* DO NOT overdo it with the keywords. Keep your copy natural and the keywords will flow organically.

* DO NOT just copy a Wikipedia entry and lightly edit it. If I want information from Wikipedia, I’ll just go to their site, not yours.

* DO NOT try to “trick” search engines. For example, writing 50 “geo-targeted” pages with the exact same content using the copy/paste function to switch out states/places not only clutters your site and makes you look amateurish, it will get you flagged by search engines. Flagged and probably penalized.

Are you doing any of these things on your website? If so, stop — you’re messing up the Internet. Write nicely, be smart about your content and you’ll attract users, search engines and links.