Save the Internet, hire a writer

I’m serious — if you’re launching a business website, hire a writer and the Internet will suck less.

A friend of mine recently launched a new business and shared the brand spankin’ new website all over social media. I was really excited to check it out. This person is brilliant, a real change maker and a true innovator. The website is beautifully designed and I’m a relatively intelligent person, but after scouring the site I can’t figure out what it is, exactly, that this new business does. I think it’s safe to say that’s not a screaming success of a business launch. And what a missed opportunity! I’m (obviously) a big advocate for having content marketing and social media strategies. But if you don’t have the budget for that then, at the very least, work with a writer on your website content.

hire a writer

Here’s why working with a writer can help your business and make the Internet a better place:

I write so you can stay immersed in your business

You’re busy with your business. It should be that way! You do what you do everyday and you probably think about it every other second of everyday. You’re immersed in your industry and the day-to-day operation, sales, marketing and more. A writer can bring a much-needed third-party perspective to the mix and ask critical questions to reveal information necessary for your target audience. Just a few strategic questions can help you get crystal clear on who you are and what your message needs to be. You do your business, your writer will help communicate your story and let your audience know what’s in it for them.

I write to help you discover

I ask a question, you tell me a story. You think it’s a throwaway bit of conversation, I just found an amazing information nugget to build into a page (or blog post) that positions you as an industry expert. You hear your own thoughts and hear yourself speak all the time, your writer can help you pull out the platinum information and edit the rest.

I write because you’re in a complicated industry

Healthcare, finance, engineering, tech … all very complex industries and it’s often extremely frustrating to explain what you do to your audience in the industry, not to mention “outsiders.” Many writers have experience in taking intricate, elaborate subjects and distilling them down to an easier-to-understand (and marketable) essence.

I write so people can find you

Every page and element of your website content should be optimized so you show up in searches and people can easily find you. Are you optimizing your content?

I write so your audience takes action

Your website isn’t just FYI, right? Presumably, if you’ve taken the time to create a website, you’d like your target audience to do something once they’ve found you. Whether it’s contacting you, trying a product, making a purchase or something equally important to your sales funnel or bottom line, your website copy should be action-oriented.

I could go on, but ultimately I’d like you to take this action: Don’t waste a golden opportunity — hire a writer to make sure your website is working for you. Contact me at Lynne (at) or use this resource (one of many available) to find a writer that meets your needs.

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