Use your words: Five reasons you should be speaking on stage

Call me crazy, but I love public speaking. Love it. It’s good for me, it’s good for my business and I hope it’s good for the people to whom I’m speaking. I know it can be intimidating, but here are five really compelling reasons that you, too, should be speaking on stage.

All eyes on you
You’re in the spotlight, your business, your brand, your message, your voice. You’ve got a captive audience and, as long as you’re communicating effectively, you’ve got a pretty sweet deal going on.

Instant in
You’re in front of a room full of people, most of whom are just friends you haven’t met yet. And you’ve instantly got something in common because they know something about you and you just spent a whole bunch of time giving them an open for a conversation. Invaluable and practically endless networking and connection potential.

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Makes you the topic of conversation and gives you something to talk about
Drum up excitement for the event ahead of time, encourage people to live Tweet your presentation, give them a hashtag or use the predetermined event hashtag, write a blog post about your experience, capitalize on any media coverage and more. Not only are you providing content, you’re creating it at the same time.

When you’re speaking at an event, you likely have the opportunity to hear others speak as well. It’s a golden opportunity to learn from them — the knowledge they’re sharing and even their speaking style. Absorb away.

It’s fun
I may be in the minority, but I love public speaking no matter what the size of the group. I’ve taught small classes and spoken in front of full theaters. I’m not an actress and am terrible at remembering lines, but when I craft a presentation about a topic I’m passionate about and can work off a rough outline, I love to share my knowledge and spark conversations. The energy  and potential in a room fuels me.

Take, for example, my recent presentation at Ignite Minneapolis. This was a strict format which presented another layer of challenge — exactly 20 slides, five minutes. It’s a breathless run through of the philosophy I attempt to live and do business by every day. Let me know what you think! And remember that I’m available for, open to and delighted to entertain speaking opportunities (I don’t typically speak as quickly as I had to in this video).