Your challenges:

Your website content is outdated, boring and doesn't inspire anyone to buy, learn more or contact you. 
You know it's beneficial to have a blog, but don't know how or have the time to commit to keeping it up. 
You're a leader in your field, but you're not sure how to get others to recognize that. 
You've got a great product/service and need to sell it creatively. 

Social Visibility Consulting provides web copywriting and blogging services that inspire action and organically incorporates SEO to get your content found. SVC practices brand journalism to provide you credible, shareable content and SVC creates attention-grabbing marketing and sales copy. 

Lynne is a solid writer with good judgment on what stories deserve to be told. She was a big part of our success in growing our audience for our corporate blog.
— - Kevin Hunt, Global Communications manager, General Mills
“Fortunately, I have (Lynne) on the team to help me see through the noise and do what is best!! I trust your judgement!!”
— - Brad Swenson, Device Pitstop

Social Visibility Consulting has provided writing services for: 

* Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota (blog content)
* Device Pitstop (website and blog content)
* 3M Racing (website content)
* General Mills (blog content)
* Zenefits (blog content/journalism)
* TempWorks staffing software (website content) 
* Frescados Tortillas (website content)
* Upserve (long form journalism)
* Survey and Ballot Systems (website, blog content, e-books, sales pieces)
* Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal (business journalism)
* Is It SI? (blog content)
* First Scribe (website content)
* Security Life (website content)
* 3M Incognito Hidden Braces (website content)
* K-BID (blog content)
* Loffler (website content)
* Olive and Company (blog content)
* New Age Technology (website content) 

and many more

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